Nerdgames is a dynamic team of developers in Toronto Canada dedicated to bringing you hours of fun on your iPhone or iPod touch.

With a full service development team, from conceptual design through coding, web development and marketing, nerdgames does it all. Often at 4 in the morning. When not developing new iPhone games we can be found playing our favorite apps on our own devices. Or talking about our iPhones. Or dreaming of new iPhone games. We've got a bit of an obsession. But that obsession is there for you – so you can enjoy the fruits of we labor. And by fruits we mean games. And by labor we mean, well, labor.

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Committed to creating the highest quality entertainment through our games and apps, nerdgames plans on keeping you busy with the iPhone games you love, and the games you're going to love. We want to do more than occupy your time – we want to provide you with an iPhone gaming experience, and allow you to connect with your device in new and exciting ways. We want you to be friends with it. Where you can look at your iPhone and say, "remember the time?" and your iPhone will stare back and say nothing. But it knows.

Whether you want a throwback to the '80s or a flash forward to the future, nerdgames will be the iPhone app developer to get you there. Simple as that.

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